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Attacks on the WTC Complex


Who questions 9/11?

George Carlin, David Icke, Aaron Russo, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones



The 9/11 Truth Movement was started by the families of the victims who lost their lives that day.

The mainstream media is ignoring their questions. We owe it to them to at least listen.

The Founding Fathers wrote the First Amendment of the Constitution to protect unpopular speech.



Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7:
No planes crashed into this 47 story skyscraper.
The 911 Commission did not investigate this.

(2:00) "Do you believe what you can see with your own eyes, or do you believe what you are told?"

(0:43) "Buildings tend to fall over, they don't fall straight down through the path of greatest resistance."

(0:55) "I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire. I said, 'you know we've had such terrible loss of life, the smartest thing to do is pull'. And they made that decision to pull; then we watched the building collapse."


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Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7




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Albert Stubblebine, a Retired General of all American Army Intelligence,
Thinks that 9/11 was a Cover-Up

(3:42) "I do not believe the free press is free anymore. It's very expensive, it's very expensive. The press is saying what they have been told to say about this."

(4:04) "Certainly the stories that were told all about 9/11 were false. I mean you take a look at the buildings falling down. They didn't fall down because airplanes hit them, they fell down because explosives went off inside, demolition. Look at building 7 for god's sake. It didn't fall down to its side, it didn't fall this direction or that direction; just like the two towers."

(5:08) "What is it they do not want the public to know?"



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Former Governor, Jesse Ventura, has Unanswered Questions about 9/11

(3:01) "This event that changed our entire history of our country, why aren't we allowed to discuss it? Why aren't we allowed to ask questions? The moment you do, you get a reaction like he gave me. 'How dare you?! How dare you question your government?!'"

(3:16) "My questions are simple. I worked in demolition; I'm a former frog man (underwater demolition team), I know how to blow things up. How could the buildings fall at the rate of gravity? Basic physics tells you that that can't happen. And how did the cement get so pulverized, just simply from falling; it was blown into dust? What energy was required to pulverize all that cement?"


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Nick Rockefeller Revealed the 9/11 Fraud
to 2004 Presidential Candidate Aaron Russo

(2:33) "He is the one who told me, eleven months before 9/11 ever happened, that there was going to be an event, never told be what the event was gonna be, but there was gonna be an event. And out of that event, we were gonna invade Afghanistan (to run pipelines from the Caspian Sea), we were gonna invade Iraq (you know, to take over the oil fields and establish a base in the Middle East and make it all part of the New World Order), and we would go after Chavez in Venezuela. And uh, sure enough, later 9/11 happened. And I remember he was telling me how, how we would see soldiers looking in caves for people, you know in Afghanistan, and in Pakistan, and all these places. And there's going to be this war on terror, in which there is no real enemy. And the whole thing is a giant hoax; you know, it's a way for the government to take over the American people."



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Documentaries - 9/11 Ripple Effect (2007)




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David Ray Griffin, Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Theology




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9/11 Truth vs. Mainstream Media




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Danish Scientist Neils Harrit Interviewed About 9/11 and Nano-Thermite



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Charlie Sheen Thinks 9/11 was a Cover-Up




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Adam Savage, a Mythbuster, is Asked About "Busting" 9/11 Conspiracies




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Many Witnesses Heard or Felt Explosions




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Bush Caught Lying About September 11th




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Documentaries - Zeitgeist: The Movie (2007)

(30:44) 9/11 Truth Segment



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Clues Everyone Missed

(1:02) "Come out of nowhere and just ream right into the side of the twin tower, exploding through the other side. And then I witnessed both towers collapse, one first and then the second; mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense."



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The 9/11 Chronicles: Part 1, Truth Rising




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