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Ralph Nader


2008 is Just the Beginning

(2:37) "See what I mean; petty differences, fundamental similarities. This is just the end of the beginning. The Nader Gonzalez third political force is gonna roar through November 4th and into 2009; to build a progressive politics in America, that enlists the humane values and the practical needs, of the American people."



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Speeches: Ralph Nader (Nov 15, 2009)

(6:20) "And there are hundreds of thousands of people in jail who shouldn't be there; they have non-violent offenses like having a little bit of marijuana. They can have a lot of tobacco and a lot of alcohol! But not marijuana!"


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Ralph Nader on Bill Maher w/ Michael Moore




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Why the Few Dominate the Many




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Ralph Nader Asks if Barack Obama will be an Uncle Tom




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Ralph Nader Interviewed by O'Reilly

(2:25) "Bill, unlike you, I can chew gum and walk at the same time. The army knows how to enforce the laws against masacres; you can rely on that."


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