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John Stossel


John Stossel wants to legalize Marijuana

And he opposes Obama's Healthcare Reform



Stossel's Show on FOX Business News: Ron Paul Revolution

(22:00) Ron Paul vs Obama Debate



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ABC Special: Stupid in America

(19:52) "No choice is just normal in America."

(24:13) "When monopolies rule, little gets done. Think about where we wait in line the longest, at monopolies! The Motor Vehicles Department, The Post Office, or the extreme example, the former Soviet Union. People waited in line, on average, 2 hours every day. Five years over a lifetime. In this Moscow restaurant, I waited endlessly while waiters sat or talked to each other, because with no competition, there is no incentive to wait on me."



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Gun Control = Higher Crime Rates




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The Current Economic Crisis




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John Stossel vs FOX on Healthcare

(1:49) "It is very common. And thank goodness with all of these socialized systems all over the world, that we have The United States as an outlet where there is innovation. When government systems ration care, so you have to wait too long to get your breast cancer treatment, you can come to America."


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John Stossel Interviews Ron Paul (Part 1)




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