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Jesse Ventura


Jesse Ventura opposes war and questions 9/11

He wants to legalize Marijuana

He fights against the Climate Change Scam

And he has spoken out against Fluoride



Rally for the Republic 1/3 (2008)

(6:02) "Now, Ross Perot got 1 out of 5 votes; he got 19.7% that year. Well, in 1992, all presidential debates were under the National League of Women Voters. Which is essentially a fairly neutral group. You have conservative, you have liberal, you have independents. But what happened after 1992? Here's what happened. Perot scared the establishment so badly that our illustrious congress took the presidential debates away from the National League of Women Voters. And they created another federal bureaucracy called the 'National Debate Commision'."



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"You Give Me a Water Board, Dick Cheney and One Hour"

(1:33) "I will criticize President Obama on this level: It's a good thing I'm not president, because I would prosecute every person that was involved in that torture, I would prosecute the people that did it, I would prosecute the people that ordered it, because torture is against the law!"



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TV Show: TruTV Wed at 10pm - Conspiracy Theory w/ Jesse Ventura

(3:54) "Of course, everyday we drink water, and they fluoridate the water in about 68% of our cities. And 90% of them use something called hydrofluorosilicic acid. Which is a product, they get it out of the chimneys of plants that produce fertilizer. Hydrofluorosilicic acid is so toxic; you can't put it into a toxic dump without paying a great deal of money. They will not allow you to put it into a river because it contaminates the river. So, they put it into our drinking water to poison our people. They know what they are doing because fluoride limits fertility just as aspartame limits fertility."


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Decriminalize Marijuana

"Marijuana is not addictive, not physically, it can be psychologically."



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The Former Governor has Unanswered Questions about 9/11

(3:01) "This event that changed our entire history of our country, why aren't we allowed to discuss it? Why aren't we allowed to ask questions? The moment you do, you get a reaction like he gave me. 'How dare you?! How dare you question your government?!'"

(3:16) "My questions are simple. I worked in demolition; I'm a former frog man (underwater demolition team), I know how to blow things up. How could the buildings fall at the rate of gravity? Basic physics tells you that that can't happen. And how did the cement get so pulverized, just simply from falling; it was blown into dust? What energy was required to pulverize all that cement?"


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The Issue of Torture on The View

(1:25) "We only seem to water board Muslims."


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