Easy Rider UFO Transcript

"That was a UFO beaming back at you. Me and Eric Heisman was down in Mexico two weeks ago. We seen 40 of them flying in formation. They've got bases all over the world now, ya know. They've been coming here ever since 1946, when the scientists first started bouncing radar beams off of the moon. And they have been living and working among us in vast quantities ever since. The government knows all about them."

"They are people just like us, from within our own solar system. Except their society is more highly evolved. I mean, they don't have no wars. They got no monetary system. They don't have any leaders because, I mean, each man is a leader. Because of their technology they are able to feed, clothe, house, and transport themselves equally and with no effort."

"Why don't they reveal themselves to us is because if they did it would cause a general panic. Now, I mean, we still have leaders upon whom we rely for the release of this information. These leaders have decided to repress this information because of the tremendous shock that it would cause to our antiquated systems. Now, the result of this event that the Venusians have contacted people at all walks of life, all walks of life. Hahahaha. Yes."

"It would be a devastating blow to our antiquated systems. So now Venusians are meeting with people in all walks of life in an advisory capacity. For once, man will have a God-like control over his own destiny. He will have a chance to transcend and to evolve with some equality for all."